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Schools and Faculties of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences from all around the world are invited to become a Member of the FIP AIM. The Membership itself is granted to the institution (rather than the individual) which is then represented within the AIM Network by the Dean, Vice Deans and co-Decision Makers within the Faculty. Each Academic Institute may nominate up to five individuals to be active in the AIM network.

All FIP AIM Members will be offered unique opportunities within the AIM network both in person and within an online platform.  Our key event of the year is the Annual Dean’s Forum, to be held in conjunction with the FIP World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.  Here, Deans from all AIM Members will convene to discuss key issues facing leaders of academic institutions around the world.  Annual fees for an AIM Membership are based on the World Bank Index.

Further to these in-person meetings, Members are invited and encouraged to become active in the Members Only online discussion forums (where up to five representatives  may be active) and to showcase their  Institute on the World List of Pharmacy Schools  including post career opportunities and  to highlight shot, mid and long term research placements.

For more information please send us an e-mail: