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AIM Member Sanata Dharma University

Sanata Dharma University

Faculty of Pharmacy

55281, Yogyakarta

The Faculty of Pharmacy Sanata Dharma University is located on Java Island, which is about 600 kilometers or 375 miles from Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. Our Faculty was established in 1995. We have two programs, i.e. the undergraduate pharmacy program and the pharmacy profession program. The course in the undergraduate pharmacy program covers four major topics, i.e. chemistry; biology; pharmaceutical and technology; and pharmacology, clinical, and community pharmacy. The pharmacy profession program comprises two semesters, with an internship at pharmaceutical industry, hospital and community pharmacy in the second semester.The teaching methods are tutorials, workshops and laboratory classes using a student-centred learning approach.

There are two centres within the Faculty. The first is Centre of Drug Information and Research that manage research projects conducted by the Faculty members. The second is Centre of Pharmaceutical Services that offers a range of laboratory tests such as pre-clinical trial, toxicology test, biological and chemical analysis.

The Faculty has a number of partnerships with local industries, including pharmaceutical industries, hospitals and pharmacists. We currently conduct two international research collaborations in the field of clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutical technology. 

The Faculty holds the “A” level of accreditation from BAN-PT (Directorate General of Higher Education/DIKTI- Indonesia Ministry of Education).This A level places the Faculty as one among the few top pharmacy faculties in Indonesia.

Many of the alumni have reached excellence and are acknowledged in their professional fields, especially in hospital pharmacy, quality assurance and quality control in pharmaceutical industries and government.