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University of Sydney

Faculty of Pharmacy

Pharmacy Building A15, University of Sydney
2006, Sydney

About the Faculty:

The Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Sydney is recognised as one of the leading centres for Pharmacy education in Australia and enjoys an outstanding national and international reputation for research and innovation.

The University’s involvement with the education of pharmacists began in 1899 and research in Pharmacy essentially commenced in 1949 with the arrival from the Burroughs Wellcome Laboratories of Roland H Thorp as Professor of Pharmacology and Director of Pharmaceutical Studies, followed by Sydney E Wright in 1950. Wright was appointed to the first Chair in Pharmaceutical Chemistry in 1960 upon the introduction of the Bachelor of Pharmacy degree course. This introduction marked the beginning of pharmacy degree programs in Australia.

Today, over a fifth of the 1,200 pharmacy students that graduate in Australia each year do so at this Faculty and our research contributes to the knowledge and treatment of some of the world’s most challenging diseases as well as to the design of novel services to help pharmacists serve the community.

Our commitment at the Faculty of Pharmacy is to provide our students with a well rounded and professionally relevant pharmacy degree, putting them in high demand with employers and preparing them for a lifetime of learning. We achieve this through an up to date teaching curriculum, which is structured around themes and learning outcomes that describe the knowledge, skills and attitudinal milestones to be achieved by students each year.

Final year Bachelor of Pharmacy students now have the option to specialize in Rural or Industrial Pharmacy, Pharmacy Management or take the opportunity for an International Exchange. High achieving students are also offered an Honours option, which involves completion of a substantial research project.

We place special emphasis on research at the Faculty and since April 2010, the Faculty has been structured around the following research themes; Respiratory Diseases, Cardiovascular and Diabetes, Cancer, Mental Health and Healthy Ageing. The research themes closely reflect the Australian Government’s national health priorities. The Faculty carries out many collaborative research projects with other faculties of the University, with teaching hospitals, with research institutes, with the pharmaceutical industry, and with the pharmacy practice profession.

Pharmacists are an integral part of the healthcare system and have the capacity to directly affect the lives and lifestyles of the people with whom they interact. Our aim is to provide an environment where our students have an intellectually, socially and culturally rewarding experience that will propel them to become future leaders in the profession.

Professional Pharmacy Programs:
•    Bachelor of Pharmacy
•    Graduate-entry Master of Pharmacy

Advanced Learning Programs
•    Graduate Certificate in Herbal Medicines
•    Graduate Diploma in Herbal Medicines
•    Master of Herbal Medicines

Research Training Programs:
•    Master of Philosophy (Pharmacy)
•    Doctor of Philosophy

Staff numbers:
•    Academic staff: 40
•    Professional and general staff: 44

Student Numbers:
•    Bachelor of Pharmacy and Master of Pharmacy: 1128
•    Advanced learning and research training programs: 94

How to find a research supervisor: Research Supervisor Connect (click here) matches your research interests to available research opportunities and supervisors in the Faculty of Pharmacy. Type pharmacy into the keyword search to see the full range of research opportunities and to connect with a suitable supervisor.